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August 11, 2007  

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Welcome to Texas Advocates for Nursing Home Residents (TANHR), a non-profit, volunteer organization advocating improvement in the quality of life and care of Texas nursing home RESIDENTS.
TANHR is not associated with or funded by nursing homes or health care companies.

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                        TANHR ACTIVITIES

The main focus of TANHR is making a positive difference in nursing home care, social welfare and the environmental conditions of nursing home residents. TANHR is disbursing information through electronic technology on legislative changes, recent nursing happenings, upcoming educational programs and family council activities. We continue to visit nursing home and assisted living residents. If there is visual evidence of unacceptable resident care, we address it to the staff and work to get it resolved. We counsel with family members on issues and suggest options that address their issues. We inform families on nursing home regulations, resident placement and where to report abuse and neglect. We sponsor educational programs, assist in organizing family councils and speak to family councils. TANHR will provide one free "Nursing Home Family Council Manual" per family council organization.



Families and residents have the right to participate in developing a meaningful and effective resident care plan.
Families may request a Care Plan meeting with the social worker if they see a change in their residents' medical needs, loss of mental
or physical abilities or they develop a fever or allergies or other changes.
It is important that families monitor the proposed changes developed at the Care Plan meeting and the staff follows through with the changes

For more information on a Care Plan Meeting. call TANHR at
(972) 572-6330 or (800) 826-4748.



Find bills listed on the web site at http://www.legis.state.tx.us

     Bills Passed and Sent to the Governor
HB52 - Author: Chavez
An increase in the personal needs allowance to $60 per month for Medicaid residents

Directing state agencies to develop data standards and a system for sharing client data between agencies that provide health/social services to improve quality and efficiency of care

SB10 - Author: Nelson
Medicaid reform bill relating to operation and financing of medical assistance and health care benefit programs to state residents, providing penalties

SB199 - Author: Nelson
Relating to certain convictions barring employment at certain facilities serving the elderly or persons with disabilities


October 21-24, 2007
Annual Meeting - National Citizens Coalition for     Nursing Home Reform - Arlington, Virginia

August 27, 2007
Grand Prairie Health Care Center Family Council invited Lou O'Reilly to review "Creation of Nursing Home Family Council Law".

September 12, 2007
Dallas County Ombudsmen organization invited Lou O'Reilly to speak at meeting.

     Check daily posting of nurse staffing!

Federal Regulation Sec. 483.30 - Nursing Services
Daily posting of nurse staffing requirements in nursing homes: The facility name, date, and total hours worked by the following categories of  licensed and unlicensed nursing staff responsible for resident care PER SHIFT: registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nurse aides include resident census. Data must be posted at the beginning of each shift as follows:

1. Must be clear, readable format in a prominent place that is accessible to residents and visitors.

2. Available public access to posted nursing staff. The facility must upon oral or written request make nursing staff data available to the public to review at a cost not to exceed community standard and the facility must maintain posting of daily nurse staffing for a minimum of 18 months or as required by state law or whichever is greater.

Families must check the "Daily Posting of Nurse Staffing" and verify that the number of nursing staff matches the number on the notices.

TANHR has seen an increase in nursing home Family Councils. They are meeting monthly, conducting business, and planning programs on regulations governing nursing homes. They are discussing grievances and immediately forwarding them to nursing home administrators and the Director of  Nurses, and expecting a resolution within 5 to 10 working days. They are sponsoring resident programs, highlighting holidays and resident birthdays of  the month. They are raising money for parties through raffles, garage sales, bake sales, and contributions. Families and residents are enjoying the parties and the fellowship.

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Call TANHR in the Dallas or Austin area for a speaker at your next Family Council meeting.

For nursing home complaints or information, call
Texas Dept.. of Aging and Disabilities Services at
(800) 458-9858.

Please join TANHR to support our advocacy cause.



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